Natural way to repel ants and cockroaches

There are many Air Freshener are cheap in the market but the smell eventually become uncomfortable. Moreover, the durability of the fragrance does not last. A more practical make your own air freshener in your home. Suppose with betel leaf or with pandan leaves. The aroma is quite fresh and may repel cockroaches and ants. Fit the two leaves in your kitchen or bathroom.

The trick is to take a fragrant pandan leaves to make a natural air freshener. Cut the leaves into small pieces and place in bowl or plate and put it in a dry place such as on a shelf or on top of cabinets and others. Install these natural air freshener in your bathroom. Because there is often a bad odor coming out of there. This natural air freshener and can neutralize them tolerable. For a spacious bathroom you have to put as many as two or three plates are a natural air freshener. But for the bathroom space is small enough one. Air freshener and fragrance can last up to three days to a week. And cockroaches are usually happy in your bathroom will certainly displaced.

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